Family doctors in France

There’s nothing better than having a great personal general doctor, that you can trust and ask any random question or comments to without feeling weird, stupid or ashamed. Mrs Chloe Chuck has had her personal physician for decades, and she has only called him a few times, but today She has been expecting him for their two o’clock appointment in her new home. she lives a bit across town now, and when the doctor ( ) gets, she gets answers to her questions in a completely down-to-earth, direct and friendly way. she sits down with the doctor for 30-40 minutes just going over her history, symptoms and getting checked. The doctor takes his time; it is just because doing the job right.

At the appointment, When the doctor finished with the examination, she was asked by the doctor if she was going to pay with her carte Vitale (insurance card) and if she doesn’t have yet her carte Vitale, she will get a Feuille de coins (health form/receipt) to submit herself to the security sociale. So the majority of French Healthcare costs are paid by the state through a public French Healthcare Insurance Scheme, and it is compulsory for population in France to list with a French Health Insurer, as well as register with a doctor in France and go through this doctor for most treatments in order to be properly reimbursed by the French healthcare system.

Public and Private Doctors

Since the end of 2017, doctors and certain medical personnel are not allowed to charge upfront payments –essentially meaning free doctor visits –but instead will be paid directly by the government of health insurer, unlike now where patients typically pay cash upfront and claim a reimbursement later. Doctors working within the government system have a tariff conventional of $26, and 70% of that will be reimbursed to the patient, for those who are paying into the French Social Security System, healthcare has more benefits and it is a lot cheaper than taking out private healthcare plans. Cost vary depending on your income, household, and a number of other factors, in contrast with a private doctor who can have higher rates charging anywhere from $50 to $130 per visit, depending on the family location, time and day of the week.

Family physician

A family doctor is medical specialty devoted to comprehensive health care for family members across all ages, genders, years and diseases and it is referred to as general practice and a practitioner as a General Practice Doctor or GP, having as a main goal taking care for the individual in the context of the family and the community, improving the quality of life of their patients or family members. And many of this family physician are singed up with the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) which it is a non-governmental organization with an official relation with the World Health Organization (WHO) representing family doctors worldwide.

Benefits of Having a Family Doctor

 There a lot of benefit, among which can be mentioned, Timeless: avoiding the long boring period that a patient could wait to be called and treated in a public or private clinic room. The family physician already has an accurate picture of the possible symptoms, that could be affecting the patient and therefore he can give them a better treatment to relieve any pain or bug, so the answer for many healthcare issues is to could be resolved if give a call to a family physician.  In fact, this one of reasons why some people spend more on using a family medicine doctor.

Since these physicians have the skills to treat a wide range of medical conditions, they can be your primary care doctor at any point in your life and for your family as well, family medicine physician can also treat efficiently: infants, toddlers, children, teenagers and adults.  It is common for a family medicine doctor to see their patients of the same family for decades of their lives.  This helps to build a great relationship with the physician that will last a lifetime.

Family Doctors also manage your family history, when a doctor is able to treat you for years of your life, they acquire a deep understanding of you and your family medical record.  This helps your doctor to make accurate diagnoses and monitor you more closely for any changes that could cause emergencies or red flags in your health screenings. In addition to keeping track of your medical history can help to understand your family disease record, so a family doctor can be more aware and analyze what is happening in their patients’ home lives.

They can also treat your serious medical conditions in your family, like injuries and many infections, helping you through stressful times and keep you well throughout. While family medicine doctors perform your yearly check-ups, they also are there to help you with chronic medical issues ( pharmacie de garde les jours fériés ) such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma and arthritis.  Sometimes issues arise that require consultation with or care from a specialist.  These can include serious issues like heart disease and cancer.  When you or someone in your family develops one of these terrible conditions, your family physician can find someone who fits your exact needs and personality.   Family Doctors also help to find doctors who treat others diseases, that a patient could be suffering, it should come as no surprise that using more primary care doctors, including family doctors.

Having a family doctor has many benefits in a family, although the fees may be a little higher, in contrast with a public service doctor. But tt does not matter if you have a private of public doctor, the important thing is to take care of family and personal health issues, in order to spend more time with our loved ones. Therefore, the simple fact of having a family doctor should be provided among the French population, from generation to generation, in this way France will count on increasingly healthy citizens.